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To create trendy, premium baking supplies that bring life to party desserts, regardless of anyone's baking and decorating experience. From home bakers all the way to professional bakeries find what they need in our quality products and expansive product lines to add that extra punch of YAY! to their baked goods.


Founded in 2010 by Shannon Harvey out of an industry need for bold, bright cupcake liners and baking supplies that are the life of the party! Based in Louisiana, Sweets & Treats is a designer cupcake liner manufacturer and party supply company that creates exclusive greaseproof cupcake liners, sprinkles, sprinkle mixes, paper straws and other baking supplies. 


Monitoring industry trends including those outside of this particular niche has allowed us to stay ahead of changes and ensure we develop products with staying power. In a stagnant niche of baking cups, we've been able to upend the monotony of those grocery store offerings to include fabulous patterns with bold lines and custom picked colors.


From moms planning children's parties, wholesale bakeries, as well as our stockists all over the world, our quality needs to be repeatable each and every delivery. As the first to release custom colors such as navy and coral and patterns like chevron and quatrefoil, the design portion of this business is our driving force and how we approach product development.

After taking decorating classes at a local party store more than 15 years ago, it was obvious very quickly that the baking supplies industry was limited in trendy, quality colors. The regular old foil baking cups and dated cupcake liner patterns were all that existed. To top it off, those patterns disappeared once the cupcakes were baked. So, I decided to start a cupcake liner empire offering the very best in quality greaseproof paper along with custom picked colors and bold designs drawn in house to add real color to those cupcakes. Carving our little corner out of the baking industry has been the most fun part! We are just over here adding happiness to the world, one cupcake liner and sprinkle bottle at a time! ~Shannon Harvey


There's a reason we are the BEST cupcake liners and sprinkles around. In our world, cupcakes aren’t just cupcakes, they’re little labors of love. That’s why we believe every cupcake should look just as fabulous as it tastes. We learned really quickly that if something isn't your specialty, then it isn't your passion.

More than 15 years ago, we scoured the online shops for baking cups that performed. Instead, we found subpar products that simply left us wanting more. So, as baker turned entrepreneur, our founder decided to make that our company mission! We coined the term greaseproof cupcake liners because well, that just wasn't an industry focus at the time. Naturally, we had to top those cupcakes in their gorgeous cupcake liners so we add an extensive line of sprinkles and sprinkle mixes some years later. 

No matter the theme or holiday, we have a huge selection of options for you to choose from!

CUPCAKE LINERS - Why ours are the best.

All cupcake liners are not created equal. We’ve baked loads of cupcakes over the years, and one thing’s for sure: Most cupcake liners simply miss the mark. They get soggy, grease bleeds through and the designs end up looking nothing like they did in the package. We get it. Nobody – especially not a perfectionist like you – wants to see their cupcake through their liner. Because when you’re trying to create beautiful memories for your family or customers, the last thing you want is your little labors of love to look like a big, soggy mess.

Our BakeBright™ premium greaseproof cupcake liners are made with a one-of-a-kind greaseproof technology that ensures your cupcake liners will stay gorgeously vibrant and crisp. Yep, even on dark cakes! That means no more wasting money doubling up on liners – and no more worrying your culinary creations will turn into a dreaded soupy mess.

Instead, you’ll just get bright, super-fun cupcake liners in original, modern designs that don’t fade, don’t bleed and definitely don’t leave you wanting more. Our BakeBright liners are the best greaseproof liners you'll find around! Our designs are developed and colors picked completely in house.. We stay up to date on party trends and you can trust our liners are exclusive to us and our stockists. If you don't see our logo on the bottom, you can trust they don't have the same characteristics that you've come to know and love with BakeBright. Learn all about our premium Cupcake Liners and what makes BakeBright the best choice out there!

SPRINKLES - Why ours are the sweetest.

We know a thing or two about sprinkles. Our Sweet Sprinkles sprinkle mixes are over 200 listings deep and contain jimmies sprinkles, sugar crystals, nonpareils, and other sugar shapes and confetti quins. We have Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten Free sprinkles options and other allergy friendly availability. With all of these choices we know you'll find exactly what you need for a price you won't find anywhere else. Our most popular listings are our bulk sprinkles listings. We offer bulk sprinkle bags in 1lb, 5lb, and 25lb cases of sprinkles from our sprinkle mix listings to all classic bulk sprinkles too. You'll find the best prices and most selection right here in our shop.

Most importantly, we only offer FDA approved, 100% edible sprinkles. You won't find dragees here. We know you are going to eat them, so what's the point in telling you that you can't?

We proudly work closely with our manufacturing partners to produce custom sprinkles in shapes and colors unique to us. Chances are, your favorite sprinkle shop has our sprinkles on their shelves either in our branding or a private labeled version for sale. We see you, up and coming sprinkle shop. Whether it's colors we already carry or loads of white that you want to color yourself, we got you covered! Learn more about our product line here.

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