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Chunky Sugar Crunch: Cotton Candy
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Chunky Sugar Crunch: Cotton Candy

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    Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed, Soybean), Corn Syrup Solids, Artificial Flavor, Soya Lecithin, FD&C Colors: Red 40 Lake, Blue 1, Red 3


    Cotton Candy Sprinkles

    The Best Cotton Candy Sprinkles Online

    One of the most pleasing color combinations is cotton candy. There's something about the soft blue, pink, and purple that entice the eye. If you wish to pay homage to cotton candy through a cupcake, then you're going to need cotton candy sprinkles. Instead of paying extra for different sets of colors at your local party store or grocery store, you should try the cotton candy mix at Sweets & Treats. We specialize in providing practically every sprinkle color variation you could ever need. Here's everything you need to know about our online cotton candy crunch sprinkles.

    Best Crunchy Cotton Candy Sprinkles Online

    What is Cotton Candy Crunch Sprinkles?

    How do our crunch cotton candy sprinkles differ from others? Our cotton candy sprinkles are among the best because they deliver a real and satisfying crunch with every bite. Too often, you buy sprinkles from a party store or grocery store only to find that they're slightly waxy in texture and taste.

    That isn't the kind of experience you want to have when presenting your cupcakes for others to eat. Our sprinkles are made from high-quality ingredients. They deliver a satisfying crunch and offer additional texture to your already soft and smooth cupcake.

    Our crunch cotton candy sprinkles can break up that softness and give those who eat your cupcakes a pleasant surprise.

    Besides being crunchy, our cotton candy sprinkles look incredible. Our colors are unmatched. When you want the top of your cupcake to look dazzling, then we have the crunchy cotton candy sprinkles that you need.

    Buy Our Cotton Candy Sprinkles in Bulk

    We Have Bulk Options

    We're also one of the best online stores for cotton candy crunch sprinkles because we offer bulk sizes. No matter how many sprinkles you may need, we have a bulk size for you. All of our prices are wholesale as well, so you don't have to worry about blowing your budget on decorations and party supplies.

    Other Colors for Your Desserts

    If you want to add a few other colors to your cotton candy cupcake, then we have plenty of others from which to choose. Some of our most popular are:

    • Teal • Blue • Navy Blue • Coral • Red • Black • Green

    We even have rainbow mixes and a few themed mixes to help make your next baking event even more successful.

    Try Our Sprinkles Today

    Cotton candy will likely become a family or business favorite after using our sprinkles. Try our sprinkle mix using this sugar crunch!

    SHIPPING: Sprinkles shift during shipping towards inside of packaging. Pour into bowl and remix for best presentation.
    MIXING: Sprinkle product photos are actual photos from batches of particular mixes. Actual product may vary slightly.
    STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors.
    BEST BY: Best if eaten within 6-12 months. Comes packaged in a clear, resealable food safe bag which has been heat sealed for freshness.

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