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Mini Cupcake Liners

Designer Baking Cups in Midi Size

Shop our extensive line of mini cupcake liners in all colors of the rainbow! Our mini baking cups are actually a larger size BakeBright cupcake liner standing at 1.5" base and 1" height (medium or midi size) compared to a typical 1 3/8" base by 3/4" height. You can expect our midi cupcake liners to give about 2 bites of cupcake compared to the single bite you typically get from its smaller counterpart. This larger size fits in many mini baking pans as long as they have a 1/5" base. Our favorite is Calphalon 24 cup mini pan.

Just like our standard size liners, these midis are made from thick, greaseproof paper and have a taller, high wall side that stands perfectly so it peeks out above a 24 cup baking pan. This minimizes burnt edges of batter that spill over onto the cupcake pan as you would normally see in other regular store bought paper liners. 

They are great as mini muffin liners, but these cups are also perfect for holding cake pops, Oreo balls, truffles, cake gems, and so much more!

Looking for baking cups a little bigger? Check out our line of standard size liners in a larger size than industry standard!

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