Edible Glitter
Edible Glitter

Edible Glitter for Cakes

Food Grade Glitters for Cake Decorating

Shop our line of premium edible glitter products for cake and cupcake decorating as well as so many other confectionery uses. Our premium sparkles are great over cookies and cupcakes and almost any cake decorating method you can dream up. For all three of our glitter product lines, a little goes a VERY long way so start off small and build to meet your needs.

As with our entire sprinkles line of consumable products, all of our glitters are 100% edible and safe to use to add a bit of glam to your baked goods! No plastics whatsoever, only approved ingredients for your consumption. Check out our Luxe line of dusts, glitters, and shapes for a punch of glam for your decorated desserts.