Luxe Dusts
Luxe Dusts

Luxe Dusts

Edible Luster Dust for Painting & Shimmer

Shop our luxe edible luster dust for cakes and cupcakes giving them perfect, rich decorating color on all the fine details or slight colored shimmer for the perfect confectionery highlight. Get on the trend train with metallic drip cakes using our fine edible powders as the latest cake decorating fad! No matter how you use them, you'll see why our luster dusts are so versatile!

New To Luster Dust?

Edible luster dust is a water soluble shimmering powder or dust that can be applied either wet as a paint via airbrush or paintbrush or brushed on dry with a clean, dusting brush. For deep, bold color, paint using alcohol with a clean brush for perfect decorating lines. Use this shimmery, fine powder to add a little highlight of color to your baked goods by dry dusting. Luster dust, highlighter dust, petal dust, pearl dust, sparkle dust, disco dust - no matter what you call it, it's the perfect shimmery finish for that extra bit of glam to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

The fine granuals in our luxe powder are made specifically to be water soluable for a smooth finish while painting lettering on cookies, or gold edges on cakes. Looking for a bit more fancy for those desserts? Use a larger painting brush to cover your entire cake sides for a gorgeous watercolor finish! 

All of our luster powders are 100% edible, made in the USA. Need a bit more glam? Check out our line of edible glitter for drinks & food - Luxe Glitter!