Luxe Glitter
Luxe Glitter

Luxe Glitter

Food Grade Edible Glitter for Drinks & Food

Shop our Luxe Glitter to add pearlescent shimmer to you cocktails and cupcakes for a bit of glam! Our edible glitter dust jars are packed full of shiny color that can be dusted over pretty much anything you can think of including drinks.

Chances are you already use a type of glitter on your baked goods but you probably haven't tried anything like our Luxe Glitter. You can use our exclusive edible glitter on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for an extra punch of color, but it's perfectly formulated for remaining in beverages for longer than other standard edible glitters. Now in almost 20 colors, this versatile new edible glam will be your new best decorating friend. It's the best selling glitter in our offering!

Drink Glitter? Yes, You Need It!

Typical edible glitter added to drinks usually ends in a cocktail glass covered in a layer on the bottom or floating on the top. Our luxury glitter colors are manufactured with much larger particle sizes than our Luxe Dust but more round as to catch light for maximum shimmer and more dense to stay suspended in drinks for longer than just edible glitter in drinks alone. Nobody wants floating (or sinking) glitter in their martinis now do they?

Our beverage glitter is specifically formulated for drinks such as cocktails, beer, wine, champagne, and any other beverage you think of!

Luxe Edible Glitters Are So Versatile!

This pearlescent glitter is gorgeous on foods as well, especially sprinkled over cakes and cupakes. Having a glamorous brunch? Roll or dip fruit like strawberries and blueberries in our glitter for a bit of extra shimmer!

No matter what you decided to do with your new glitz, you'll be stocking up and using our Luxe line as your one go-to confectionery glitter from now on!

All of our Luxe edible glitters are 100% edible, made in the USA.

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