Jimmies Sprinkles: Blue
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Jimmies Sprinkles: Blue

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Our Blue Jimmies Sprinkles are the classic choice for a bold pop of color and a whole lot of sweet! Jimmies are thin and long and have a nice crunch to them. Top your ice cream, decorated cookies, cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, and more. Pair with our other baking and party supplies for a truly one of a kind event! Bulk sprinkles and wholesale pricing below - will not come individually packed.

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    Sugar, Corn Starch and/or Tapioca Starch, Glucose Powder, Palm Kernel Fat, Glycerin, Magnesium Silicate, Soy Lecithin, Gum Arabic, FD&C Colors: Blue 1, Artificial Flavor and Carnauba Wax - CONTAINS SOY


    The Best Blue Jimmies Sprinkles Online

    When you're looking to buy navy blue cupcake liners, you might also want to consider what's going on top of your cupcake. To make a cohesive piece, it may be a good idea to buy blue sprinkles as well. At Sweets & Treats, we offer high-quality sprinkles at wholesale prices. Here's everything you need to know about our blue jimmies sprinkles.

    Our Blue Sprinkles Have a Sweet and Delicious Flavor

    Sprinkles should do more than just decorate the top of your cupcake. They should add to their flavor. Each of our blue jimmies sprinkles is made from high-quality ingredients. We use the best sugar to ensure that each bite is a delicious burst of sweetness. You won't want to stop eating the sprinkles, let alone your cupcake.

    Why Blue Sprinkles Make a Great Decoration

    Jimmies are a popular choice of sprinkles because they're long and tubular. You can cover a lot of surface area with only a few sprinkles. That's why many bakers use them. They're cost-effective and also look great. Blue Sprinkles can create a beautiful carpet of deep color that catches the eye. They're great at further promoting the theme you're going for.

    We Carry Bulk Sprinkles

    One of the best reasons to shop at our online store is because we carry bulk items. This can help you if you have a large event you're baking for or if you run a party store or a bakery. We have a bulk package for everyone. Considering that our prices are wholesale, you can also be sure that you're receiving the best prices.

    Our sprinkles also last for up to 18 months. Whether you're a home baker or a professional one, our sprinkles can last you through several batches of desserts.

    We Carry Other Colors

    We also offer more than just blue. If you need a certain shade of sprinkles, we can help. We carry several different shades as well as exclusive colors that you can't buy anywhere else. Some of our most popular colors are:

    • Gold • Black • Coral • Teal • Red • Green • Purple

    Visit Our Online Store Today

    We have so many different colors and kinds of sprinkles that you could spend some time going through them all. The next time you're set to make a dessert, take a look at our sprinkle shop. You're sure to find the sprinkles you need.


    SHIPPING: Sprinkles shift during shipping towards inside of packaging. Pour into bowl and remix for best performance representation.
    MIXING: Sprinkle product photos are actual photos from batches of particular mixes. Actual product may vary slightly.
    STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors.
    BEST BY: Good for approximately 18 months. Comes packaged in a clear, resealable food safe bag which has been heat sealed for freshness.

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