Silicone Mold: Ice Cube
Ice Cube Silicone Mold | Square Ice Cube Silicone Cake Mold for Glitter Cocktails
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Silicone Mold: Ice Cube

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Our square ice cube mold is perfect for glitter cocktails or popsicles! This square shaped flexible silicone mold is food safe and is able to go in the freezer, oven, and microwave. Perfect for chocolate coating traditional cake pops, edible cookie dough popsicles, or even festive ice cream popsicles! 

A popular use is to coat the inside of the molds with a few colorful coats of chocolate or candy melts before filling with bits of cake or edible dough. When ready to freeze or chill, insert a cakesicle stick or regular popsicle stick into the area on the front and chill/freeze until completely firm. These smooth edge lend itself to perfect dipping in alternating colors of melted chocolate or painting with our line of Luxe Dusts!

This ice cube mold has 15 cavities 1.5"x1.5".


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Wash before use with non-abrasive soap and dry completely.

If baking, spray with non-stick cooking spray for easier release, just as you would a normal silicone baking pan. 

For use with chocolate, fill the cavity full for best removal and chill in fridge or freezer until firm.


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