Solid Cupcake Liners: Brown
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Solid Cupcake Liners: Brown

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WHAT MAKES BAKEBRIGHT GREASEPROOF CUPCAKE LINERS THE BEST? Learn all about our design and manufacturing process and what makes us one of a kind!

BAKING: Our liners are taller and hold more batter so they may take a minute or two more in the oven than normal. We recommend baking ahead before a big event.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors over time. Always keep in a container that will maintain the shape of the liners.
PHOTOS: Liner product photos are actual photos from batches of baking cups during production. Actual product may vary slightly from batch to batch.
RECIPES: Looking for some classic cupcake recipes to get started? You can find lots of cupcake recipes and frosting recipes on the blog featuring all of our liner designs!

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    DimensionsStandard Size: 2" x 1 3/8"

    Brown Cupcake Liners

    The Best Brown Cupcake Liners

    If you've ever had to use brown cupcake liners before, then you likely experienced an unpleasant melting effect. In the case of baking chocolate cupcakes, it may be difficult to know where the liner begins, and the cake ends. Melting into the liner is a common problem that non-greaseproof liners have. At Sweets & Treats, you can experience what it's like to have a cupcake liner that actually maintains its integrity and looks great. Here's what you need to know about our brown cupcake liners.

    Best Greaseproof Brown Cupcake Wrappers Online

    Our Greaseproof Brown Cupcake Liners Hold Up to the Heat

    One problem that typically brown baking cups have is that they lose their integrity during the baking process. As the cake batter starts to become hot, the liner warms up, too. Once the cupcake cools, the liner still remains warm due to the collection of grease that accumulates on the liner.

    As a result, the cake starts to melt into the liner. You're left with a gooey mess and a sagging liner that doesn't look appetizing in the least.

    When you use our greaseproof brown cupcake liners, you don't have to worry about a sagging mess. Our brown cupcake wrappers stand up to the heat and don't soak in the grease during the baking process. As a result, they remain rigid and keep the cake from melting into it.

    You'll be able to proudly present your gorgeous cupcakes with our solid brown cupcake liners.

    Buy Our Solid Brown Cupcake Liners For Your Next Event

    Our Solid Brown Cupcake Liners are a Rich Brown

    Too often, when you buy brown cupcake wrappers from a party store or grocery store, the color isn't the exact shade that you need. Their liners may be a faded brown. Or their brown may be too transparent due to the poor quality of material that they use to make their wrappers.

    That isn't the case with our greaseproof brown cupcake liners. When you order our liners, you can be sure that they're going to be a rich brown. Whether you're planning for a special decoration or you just love the deep brown color, ordering our liners will give you the best results for presentation.

    We Offer Other Colors

    If you want to experiment past shades of brown, then you can also buy other colored cupcake liners from us. Some colors that we carry are:

    • Black • Blue • Purple • Green • Red • Gold • Many more

    We carry different shades of color, too, so you can always find the exact one you're looking for.

    Buy Our Brown Cupcake Liners Today

    Together, our cupcake wrappers and chocolate nonpareils can create the best presentation possible for your cupcakes. Order your brown liners and delicious sprinkles today and unleash your creativity without restraint.

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