Solid Cupcake Liners: Navy
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Solid Cupcake Liners: Navy

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Our Solid Navy Blue cupcake liners would make the perfect addition to your upcoming Nautical or dinosaur party! We take pride in manufacturing our greaseproof cupcake liners with fun, modern designs, gorgeous colors handpicked by us and quality paper that you will love baking in time and time again. Pair with our other party supplies for truly unique event. Bulk sleeve and wholesale case pricing below - will not come individually packed.

WHAT MAKES BAKEBRIGHT GREASEPROOF CUPCAKE LINERS THE BEST? Learn all about our design and manufacturing process and what makes us one of a kind!

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    DimensionsStandard Size: 2" x 1 3/8"

    Navy Blue Cupcake Liners

    The Best Navy Blue Cupcake Liners

    Your cupcake came out gorgeous. Topped with blue sprinkles, your cupcake is ready to make its grand entrance. However, as soon as you put it on the plate, you notice something. The cupcake is melting into the liner around it. The cake is starting to sag. What began as a beautiful cupcake now looks like a soggy diaper? You can avoid this scenario when you buy from Sweets & Treats. We have greaseproof navy blue cupcake liners that can completely change your baking experience. Here's what you need to know about our navy blue cupcake liners.

    Best Greaseproof Navy Cupcake Wrappers

    Our Greaseproof Navy Blue Cupcake Liners Maintain Their Integrity

    One advantage that our navy blue cupcake wrappers have over other wrappers is that they're greaseproof. This is an important element in baking because it keeps the wrapper from losing its integrity. Wrappers that aren't greaseproof start to melt into the cake. As a result, you're left with a sagging cupcake and an unattractive dessert.

    Our solid navy blue cupcake liners online will hold up against the heat and the grease. Our navy blue cupcake liners are also taller than most liners. This allows you to fill them with more batter. The recipients of your cupcakes will have more cake to eat and enjoy the presentation that you offer.

    Find the Color You Need

    Another problem that many cupcake wrappers have is that they don't offer a deep or vibrant color. When you order navy blue cupcake liners from a party store or a grocery store, they may not be as navy blue as you thought they were. This largely has to do with the quality of materials used to make the wrapper.

    We only use high-quality materials in the making of our solid navy blue cupcake liners. When you buy them, you can be sure that your wrappers are going to give that intense blue color that you want.

    When coupled with cotton candy sprinkles, your navy blue cupcake wrappers will look amazing.

    Our Solid Navy Blue Cupcake Liners Don’t Lose Color When Baking

    You Can Order Other Colors Online

    If you're not feeling navy blue, then you'll be pleased to know that we also offer other solid colors as well. You can order some of the following at our shop:

    • Gold • Brown • Black • Red • Purple • Green • Many others

    Our solid navy blue cupcake liners are popular for birthdays and certain holidays. However, we're always there to offer other shades of color to ensure you have the exact kind of liner that you need.

    Try Our Navy Blue Cupcake Wrappers Today

    When you want the best materials and color for your liners, then you need to try our wrappers. Take a look at our store's various cupcake decorative options.


    BAKING: Our liners are taller and hold more batter so they may take a minute or two more in the oven than normal. We recommend baking ahead before a big event.
    STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors over time. Always keep in a container that will maintain the shape of the liners.
    PHOTOS: Liner product photos are actual photos from batches of baking cups during production. Actual product may vary slightly from batch to batch.
    RECIPES: Looking for some classic cupcake recipes to get started? You can find lots of cupcake recipes and frosting recipes on the blog featuring all of our liner designs!

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