Solid Cupcake Liners: Red
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Solid Cupcake Liners: Red

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WHAT MAKES BAKEBRIGHT GREASEPROOF CUPCAKE LINERS THE BEST? Learn all about our design and manufacturing process and what makes us one of a kind!

BAKING: Our liners are taller and hold more batter so they may take a minute or two more in the oven than normal. We recommend baking ahead before a big event.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as this may fade colors over time. Always keep in a container that will maintain the shape of the liners.
PHOTOS: Liner product photos are actual photos from batches of baking cups during production. Actual product may vary slightly from batch to batch.
RECIPES: Looking for some classic cupcake recipes to get started? You can find lots of cupcake recipes and frosting recipes on the blog featuring all of our liner designs!

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    DimensionsStandard Size: 2" x 1 3/8"

    Red Cupcake Liners

    The Best Red Cupcake Liners

    One of the most exciting colors to work with in baking is red. The shade offers feelings of passion and excitement. It's popularly used for cupcakes in events like Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations. Yet unless you're using red cupcake wrappers from Sweets & Treats, there's a good chance that your liner will melt into the cake and make a mess. Here's what you need to know about our greaseproof cupcake liners.

    Our Solid Red Cupcake Liners Make a Difference

    When using our pink cupcake liners or red cupcake liners, you'll notice a difference immediately. Other liners aren't typically made greaseproof. As a result, the paper soaks the grease into it. When the liner holds the hot cupcake, it starts to lose its integrity.

    Your cupcake will start to sag, and the liner will become a mushy mess of cake and paper. Not only does this make the cupcake difficult to eat, but it also looks unappetizing. It's like offering someone a soggy diaper.

    To avoid this situation, you'll want to order our greaseproof cupcake liners. Because they're greaseproof, the paper won't soak it in and lose its integrity. It will keep upright and strong. Your guests will be able to eat their delicious cupcake topped with Valentines sprinkles or patriotic sprinkles without too much of a mess.

    You Can Buy Our Red Cupcake Liners in Bulk

    Our Solid Red Cupcake Liners Offer a Strong Color

    Unlike other red cupcake wrappers, you can actually see just how vibrant the red is in our greaseproof cupcake liners. When topped with red jimmies or heart sprinkles, the contrasting colors are even more stark.

    This is because we use a high-quality paper to make our red cupcake liners. We want the color to look its best, so you can offer stunning cupcakes every time. Buying our liners ensures that you receive the deepest red possible.

    We Offer Other Colors

    Besides red, you can also order other colors to make your next baking experience even more colorful and fun. Some of the colors that we offer are:

    • Navy blue • Black • Gold • Brown • Pink • Green • Purple • Many more

    No matter what kind of event or theme you need to decorate your cupcake for, you can find the perfect color of a liner to buy from us. We even offer different shades of colors, so your creativity is never restricted.

    Greaseproof Red Cupcake Wrappers Suitable For Every Event

    Buy the Best Red Cupcake Liners Today

    When you want your cupcakes to have a deep contrast with a stunning red wrapper, then order our selections. Not only will you enjoy the deep red color of the wrapper, but you'll also love the high-quality paper from which it's made. Never experience a sagging cake or liner again.

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