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Our sprinkle cadies are the most trendy of all of our sprinkle listings. These candy shapes come in so many shapes and sizes for all the popular, modern birthday party themes around. From candy toppings like unicorn heads, mermaid tails, cactus, and flamingos to our fancy crowns and gold unicorn horns! These sugar candy shapes will quickly become your favorites in no time.

Great for dressing up cupcakes, cakes, and even using as table confetti. While bigger than our other sugar sprinkles by a bit, they are full of flavor and crunchy like our sugar pearls and a perfect size at about 1/2". They are small enough to include in sprinkle medleys but also small enough to border decorated cakes or top iced cupcakes. These candies are perfect for all of those upcoming cake decorating projects!

We Offer Candy Sprinkles in Bulk and Wholesale

A little bit of these goes a really long way due to their which is also why many bakeries and cake decorators use these as toppers for cookies, cupcakes, and other desserts. For those that need more than our 4 ounce sprinkle bottles contain, we offer bulk bottles in 16 and 80 ounces as well as a wholesale case in 25 pounds which equals roughly 100 sprinkle bottles in volume.

Large Variety of Popular Shapes

Being as these are the most trendy of our sprinkles due to the popular party themes and holiday themes, it will so SO hard to choose just a few. Some of the most popular candies are our unicorn candy sprinkles and candy boy sprinkles perfect for little girl parties!

We Only Stock Edible Candies

All of our sprinkle candies are 100% edible. We only carry candy sprinkles made from FDA approved ingredients and colors so that you can worry about happy customers, not informing them to remove certain items from their cakes or cupcakes.

Try Our Bulk Candy Sprinkles Today

When you need the best candy sprinkles for cake decorating, then take a look at our store. Try a few colors today and experience a real difference in quality, texture, and color. They'll quickly become another favorite to decorate with!

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