The Best Crispy Sprinkles Online

Our Crispy Sprinkles are a tiny, crunchy, candy coated version of your favorite crispies cereal and pack a big crunch! They are a bit bigger than our nonpareils and are very light - perfect for coating your favorite sweet! No worries about hard pieces, these crunchy sprinkles are the best!

When you get your sprinkle bottle full of your sprinkle cripies, the first thing you'll notice is the delicous vanilla smell. After you taste them and fall in love, you'll get going back for all of the colors and sprinkle blends for sure!

We Offer Crispy Sprinkles in Bulk and Wholesale

Don't let the weight fool you, these sprinkles might be super light but they pack a huge crunch when you bite into them. You'll find yourself snacking a little too much so you better buy bulk. We offer the same bulk and wholesale packaging options are our other products - 16 and 80 ounce bottles as well as a full 25 pound case for those big cake decorating projects.

Perfect Vanilla Flavored Crunch

Of course we think all of our sprinkles taste great, but these crunch sprinkles are the absolute best. They crunch is exactly like biting into your favorite krispie cereal but with a bright punch of color. These would be perfect for rice crispy treats sprinkles as well naturally.

Try Our Bulk Crispy Sprinkles Today

When you need the best crispy sprinkles for cake decorating, then take a look at our offering. Try a few colors today and experience a real difference in quality, texture, and color. They'll quickly become another favorite to decorate with!