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Nonpareils In A Variety of Colors

Nonpareils remain one of the best ways to decorate a cupcake, cookie, or cake. The little sprinkles perfectly dot the baked good and bring some added color and texture to the delicious treat. Yet finding the right color of nonpareils or flavor isn't always easy. Party stores and grocery stores only carry so many selections. At Sweets & Treats, we offer the very best in single color nonpareils sprinkles. Here's everything you need to know about our nonpareils sprinkles.

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What are Nonpareils Sprinkles?

When you bite into chocolate nonpareils, you know it. Nonpareils sprinkles are known for having an explosion of flavor with each bite. They're small round balls that easily fit inside of buttercream, frosting, and can adorn practically any dessert.

When you bite into your cupcake, you'll enjoy the softness of the cake, but you'll also have a pleasant crunch in texture when you eat these nonpareil sprinkles. Along with the change in texture, you'll also have a sudden rush of sweet flavor. They're a staple for any cupcake, cake, or cookie. They are especially fun on fairy bread or rolled on cake pops.

We Carry Several Colors

A difference that our online store offers is that our wholesale nonpareil sprinkles come in various colors. Unlike other stores that only carry the primary colors or a few shades, we offer practically any color that you could need. Some examples are:

• White • Blue • Coral • Gold • Green • Lime green • Navy • Pink • Teal • Red • Rainbow

Many of our colors are exclusive to our online store. We continue to come out with new single color nonpareils sprinkles all the time, so you always have a broader color set to work with and be inspired by.

Our Wholesale Nonpareil Sprinkles Come in Bulk Sizes

Whether you need a lot of sprinkles for an event or you own a bakery or party store, you could benefit from having bulk sprinkles ready to use. We offer several bulk prices and packages, so you can find exactly what you need no matter what your needs or budget are. All of the prices are with wholesale in mind, so you're always receiving the best price possible.

Our Single Color Nonpareils Sprinkles are Available for Dietary Restrictions

Do you need sprinkles that are gluten-free or vegan? We can help. We carry several different sprinkle variations for those who have dietary restrictions. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious sprinkles without sacrificing color, texture, or flavor.

Try Our Sprinkles Today

With so many colors from which to choose, you're sure to find the exact sprinkles that you need. Allow our sprinkles to inspire your next great cupcake, cake, or cookie design. Try our sprinkles today and experience unmatched flavor, texture, and color.

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