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Some of the best cupcake decorating designs include sprinkle mixes. By definition, sprinkle blends include a variety of different colors and sprinkle types to create an eye-catching masterpiece that will almost be too pretty to eat. At Sweets & Treats, we carry hundreds of different sprinkle mixes at wholesale prices for you to enjoy. Here's why you’ll love our exclusive, premium sprinkle blends.

Best Sprinkle Medleys You Can Find

Why Sprinkle Medleys are Popular

Before you order your wholesale sprinkle mixes, you may wonder how you can even pick a favorite from our extensive collection online. Our sprinkle medleys are gorgeous blends of different colors and sprinkle sizes that can be easily included into any upcoming party theme. Save money by getting sprinkle blends already mixed to match your event colors instead of buying all the colors individually to do it yourself.

Just like our custom sprinkles, our sprinkle medleys can unleash your creativity and give you the ability to make your cupcake, cake, or cookie as beautiful as you dreamed.

We Offer Blends for All Themes

There's no shortage of mixes and blends in our sprinkle shop online. Some of our best selling mixes are:

• Birthday Cake • Comic Book • Cotton Candy • Girl Power • Havana Nights • Outer Space • Prime Time • So Fancy • Unicorn Cake

In addition to individual bottles of sprinkle mixes, we offer trio sprinkle sets matched to the most popular party themes out there. Our sprinkles can act as a perfect starter kit for your next great cupcake design!

We Offer Bulk Mixes

You can also order our sprinkle blends in bulk packaging options. We have several different bulk sprinkle bottles to ensure that you receive the exact amount that you need for cupcake or cake decorating. Whether you're a baker at home, a party store owner, or a professional baker, it's important that you have enough sprinkles so every cupcake gets its share.

At great prices, you'll be able to order as much as you need.

Check Out Our Natural Options

Those who require certain ingredients to be left out, like naturalists or vegans, can also find a variety of sprinkles in our shop. We offer natural and plant-based sprinkles to ensure that everyone with dietary restrictions can still enjoy delicious baked desserts. We even have gluten-free sprinkles.

No matter what kind of dietary restriction you adhere to, you'll find the right kind of mix with us.

Experience Delicious Flavor and Style

Our mixes are made up of various types of crunchy sprinkles like jimmies, pearls, crystals, crispies, and nonpareils. Each one contains an explosion of sweet flavor that you won't be able to get enough of. You can also rest assured that our high-quality sprinkles leave out the waxy taste and texture that party store and grocery store sprinkles often supply.

Try Our Sprinkles Today

We have colorful options for everyone. Choose your sprinkles from our retail, bulk, and wholesale packaging options and start baking today.

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