Single Color Sprinkle Mixes

We Have Every Solid Color Sprinkle Imaginable

When you have a beautiful, fun cupcake or cake design in mind, you know that you're likely going to need sprinkles. Yet finding the exact shade of color of sprinkles that you want can be difficult. Few party stores or grocery stores carry exclusive or rare colors. Worse, they may offer colors, but only in a rainbow set. When you need solid color sprinkles, you should rely on Sweets & Treats. We offer a large variety of solid color sprinkles and solid color sprinkle mixes for you to enjoy. Here's everything you need to know about our single color sprinkles.

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Cakes, Cupcakes, Ice Cream & More With Our Single Color Sprinkles

Why Our Solid Color Sprinkles are the Best

The best sprinkles are those that come from high-quality ingredients. You can typically taste the difference between the two. Other single color sprinkle mixes typically taste waxy. They also have a waxy texture. The mix may only contain a few colors.

We do something different. Our sprinkles are made from high-quality ingredients. Instead of wax, you'll taste a sweet flavor that you'll love. Instead of feeling like wax, the sprinkles will offer a satisfying crunch.

Besides tasting better, our solid color sprinkle mixes also come in a variety of different colors. Just because you only want solid colors doesn't mean you can't mix them up into a fun theme. When you need hard-to-find colors or rare colors, we can help.

Some popular colors that we carry are:

• Gold sprinkles • Red sprinkles • Blush pink sprinkles • Navy blue sprinkles • Orange sprinkles • Green sprinkles • Purple sprinkles

It's easier than ever to make the exact single color sprinkle mixes that you want.

Our Single Color Sprinkles Come in Bulk Sizes

Whether you want just a lot of one single color, or you want a lot of the solid color sprinkle mixes that you made, we can help. Instead of charging you a lot like a party store or grocery store might, we offer bulk packages at wholesale prices. Our bulk packages all you to make several different single color sprinkle mixes for every theme you could ever want.

We make sure that your creativity is never restricted.

Try Our Wholesale Single Color Sprinkles Today

Save money with our wholesale sprinkles and finally find the colors that you need to make your dream cupcake or cake a reality. Start baking today.