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Our Sugar Crystal Sprinkles Are Fun To Mix Into Your Treats

Just like sugar pearls, sugar crystal sprinkles have become a staple for many baked goods. Finding the right kind or color of sugar crystals, however, isn't always easy. At Sweets & Treats, we want to make your baking experience even easier. Here's what you need to know about buying sugar crystals from us.

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What are Sugar Crystal Sprinkles?

Similar to pearls and other sprinkles, sugar crystals are flakes of crystals. They're tiny and often colorful depending on what kind of colored sugar crystals you use. Most of them are just straight sugar, but some may include a few other ingredients to add additional flavor to them.

Sugar crystal sprinkles are notoriously sweet and can be a perfect topping for your baked good. They're most commonly used in:

• Cupcakes • Cakes • Ice cream • Dessert coffee

We Offer Plenty of Colored Sugar Crystals

One reason why you might want to buy sugar crystals from us is that we have a large variety of colors. It can be frustrating to have a picture in your mind of the kind of presentation you want to have. Yet you can't find the colored sugar crystals that you need.

It can completely kill your design and presentation. You don't have to worry about that any longer when you buy sugar crystals from us. We have several different colors from which to choose. Perhaps you want to stick with the bold primary colors. We have red, blue, and yellow to help you create bold design choices.

Besides primary colors, we also have crystals that come in various shades of colors. This allows you to buy sugar crystals that best match your design. You don't have to sacrifice on your presentation because of a lack of variety.

We even have a rainbow option for those who want to toss in a bunch of colors to their cupcakes.

You Can Buy Them in Bulk

If you work in a party store or bakery, then you likely need bulk items to help satisfy your customers. Besides offering the best online sugar crystals to individuals, we can also offer bulk items for stores and bakeries. Stores can relish their increased profits when customers come looking for our high-quality crystals and rare colors.

Bakeries will be able to allow themselves unlimited creativity by using all of the shades that we have to offer. Their presentations will never be more elegant or eye-catching.

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To see the full scope of colors that we have, check out our shop. With so many different selections from which to choose, you're sure to find the color that you need to make the greatest possible cupcake. Shop today!

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