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Just because you're eating a baked good doesn't mean that it can't be vegan. With more and more people turning to plant-based diets, bakers and chefs are forced to become more creative in order to cater to this demand. One of the hardest places for vegans to find satisfaction is in baking. At Sweets & Treats, we're proud to present our vegan sprinkle mixes. When you bake a perfectly good plant-based cupcake, you shouldn't ruin it with a non-vegan topping. Here's everything you need to know about our vegan sprinkles.

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Our Sprinkles are Vegetarian

At their very heart, sprinkles come from sugar cane. While a few more ingredients are tossed in, it’s possible to keep them vegan friendly. We make sure that every ingredient used in our vegan sprinkle mixes are appropriate for vegan diets. You don't have to worry about accidentally eating milk, eggs, or other animal products. You can enjoy a delicious treat while safe in the knowledge that you're staying true to your pledge to be plant-based.

We Offer Several Vegan Jimmies Sprinkles Colors

Our sprinkles come in an assortment of color. With so many different colors from which to choose, your vegan baked good is sure to look great. Some of the colors we offer are:

• Green • Pink • Orange • Red • White • Blue • Rainbow

You may also find our selection of natural sprinkles enjoyable. Made without artificial dyes, our sprinkles instead receive their color from vegetables. These sprinkles can be a great way to ensure you're keeping the number of processed ingredients in your baked good as limited as possible.

We Offer Bulk Vegan Sprinkle Mixes

One of the reasons why our vegan jimmies sprinkles are the best is because we offer several different bulk selections online. Whether you just need a small number of sprinkles or several pounds, we have your back. We're the perfect supplier for the amateur baker, party stores, and bakeries.

Our bulk vegan sprinkles come at wholesale prices. This ensures you receive the best possible price for your vegan jimmies sprinkles and vegan sprinkle mixes.

Check Out Our Vegan Sprinkles Themes

You can also find in bulk our themed sprinkles. We have vegan sprinkles for graduation, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Christmas, and other fun-shaped sprinkles for practically any theme. Our online store can help spur your creativity for your next great batch of cupcakes, cookies, or cake.

Try Our Vegan Jimmies Sprinkles Today

When you want the best sprinkles online, then you need to check out our store. Our vegan products can take away the guilt of being unable to turn away baked goods. Everything can be substituted and still taste delicious. Try our vegan classics and sprinkle mixes using our large variety of vegan friendly edible decorations.

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