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One often overlooked supply that all party stores, bakeries, and individuals need are paper straws. You can't enjoy a delicious shake, or another treat without a good straw. Yet you shouldn't invest in just any straws. With more customers becoming eco-aware, they're shunning traditional party straws made of plastic and turning to better alternatives. That's why you should invest in paper straws wholesale at Sweet & Treats. We provide paper straws for bulk and wholesale sizes as well as for individuals. Here's what you need to know about our paper straws bulk.

Our Paper Straws Are Great For Cake Pops, Candy Apples & Other Fun Creations

Our Paper Straws are Unique

One great feature of our paper straws wholesale is that they're unique. Our colored paper straws come in various shades of color. This allows your customers to find the perfect color for the kind of theme that they're using. Few party stores, bakeries, or grocery stores carry many colors. They're restricted to only a few shades of color.

Our online colored paper straws offer plenty of variety and creativity.

Our cute straws also carry some themes. Instead of just colors, they have prints on them that are perfect for certain party themes. Not only are these party straws original, but they could be exactly what a customer needs to bring their party theme together.

Our Cute Straws are Biodegradable

One of the most important aspects of our paper straws is that they're biodegradable. We take great pride in ensuring that we don't add to climate control through our products. When you order our biodegradable cute straws, you're safe in the knowledge that they will eventually decay over time in the landfill into organic matter that can feed plant life.

By buying our colored paper straws, you're choosing to help the environment. Your customers will appreciate that and invest in your business rather than the others who still use plastic straws.

Don't Sacrifice Quality for Quantity

A problem that many stores and bakeries run into when buying paper straws bulk from another shop is that the shop sacrifices quality for quantity. This isn't an issue when you buy paper straws wholesale from us. Our party straws are the best because we make sure that they're made from high-quality materials.

All of our straws are thick. That ensures that they can be used for even the thickest of shakes or desserts with wholesale jimmies sprinkles. They won't clog easily or crumble under the pressure. When you order our party straws, you can be sure that your customers will enjoy using them.

Our Straws Make a Difference

When you order our straws online, you can expect them to be:

• Biodegradable • High-quality • Thick • Colorful • Unique • Easily used for cake pops • Don't become soggy

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