The Best Holiday Sprinkles

Best Themed Sprinkles For Every Holiday

One of the best times to start baking cupcakes and other sweets is for the holidays. However, when you look for holiday themed sprinkles at your local grocery store or party store, you've likely noticed that the selection is bare. There just isn't enough variation to make your cupcakes stand out. At Sweets & Treats, we wanted to do something different. That's why we created a giant selection of holiday sprinkles for every occasion. Here's what you need to know about our holiday themed sprinkles.

Buy Holiday Sprinkles in Bulk

Our Seasonal Sprinkles are Perfect for Every Holiday

While one of the most popular holidays to bake cupcakes for is Christmas, we also sell seasonal sprinkles for other holidays, too. You can find the following available at our store:

Halloween sprinklesPatriotic sprinklesValentine sprinkles • Christmas sprinkles • Easter sprinkles • Birthday sprinkles • Many more

Our holiday themed sprinkles are a perfect choice to put that extra bit of decoration on your cupcakes to make them look delicious and festive.

Our Sprinkles are Edible

Unlike other sprinkle stores, you can also eat all of the sprinkles that we make. Nothing is more annoying than seeing a cupcake layered with holiday sprinkles only to realize that you can't actually eat them. No one should have to scrape off sprinkles and lose delicious cream and frosting in the process.

That's why all of our sprinkles are edible. More than that, we even have sprinkles available for those who have to follow a specific diet. For example, we have sprinkles that are vegan and kosher. We believe that everyone should enjoy cupcakes and other baked goods regardless of what dietary restrictions that they have.

We Offer Seasonal Sprinkles in Wholesale and Bulk Selections

One of the best reasons to shop at our store is because our holiday sprinkles are available in wholesale and bulk sizes. When your store or bakery needs Christmas sprinkles in bulk to complete orders, we have you covered.

Perhaps you have an event coming up and you need a truckload of sprinkles. You can easily buy our sprinkles at wholesale prices and serve your guests the most perfect cupcakes they've ever tasted.

Whether you want a specific kind of sprinkles or you want a mix, we can help you receive the perfect sprinkles for your next batch of cupcakes and cakes.

Our Holiday Sprinkles Unleash Creativity

One of the reasons why our sprinkles are so beloved is because they're unique and fun. You won't find the same old sprinkle sets at our shop. We offer new and exciting designs and shapes that can unleash your own creativity. Perhaps you may be inspired to decorate your cupcakes a certain way simply because of the sprinkles you have on hand. Allow our sprinkles to plan your next set of cupcakes.

Start Shopping Today

There's always a holiday just around the corner. To make sure you're ready to serve, take a look at our sprinkles today, and start planning your next great holiday cupcake set.

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